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Short biographies of the English Viol Composers (in process) are available here (compiled by a Pacifica Viols member, Nick Jones, and stored on his website).

The Viola da Gamba Society of America provides many useful resources on its website, including:

The U.K. Viola da Gamba Society has a rich website, especially under the heading Publications, where their editions are listed for sale, and where a Thematic Index of Composers can be consulted (listing individual works by composer, each with a short “incipit,” a  quote in musical notation of the opening theme.

Looking to buy an instrument? Regional and national viol workshops/conferences (such as Conclave) often feature viol and bow makers who allow you to try out and compare instruments.


Local Teachers (those who give online lessons indicated)

Penny Hanna Aptos 831/662-3134
Melita Denny Davis 805/835-9173
Alexa Haynes-Pilon El Cerrito and Davis 323/388-9597
Shira Kammen El Cerrito 510/230-4172 
Amy Brodo (online) Oakland 510/482-3470
Steven Lehning Oakland 415/621-7900 ext.201
David Morris (online) Oakland 510/658-3382
Elisabeth Reed (online) Oakland 510/866-3964 Feldenkrais specialist
William Skeen Oakland 510/334-3882
Lynn Tetenbaum Oakland 510/823-7740
Roy Whelden Oakland 510/601-1370 
Julie Jeffrey Richmond 510/484-8333
Erik Andersen (online) San Francisco 718/310-8294 
Farley Pearce (online) San Francisco 415/750-1536
Gwyneth Davis  Sebastapol 707/823-7264 Bass viol
Judiyaba Sebastapol 707/953-5479 Treble viol
John Dornenburg (online) UK Skype lessons

Student Viols/Bows

Boulder Early Music Shop Eugene, OR 800/499-1301 
Daniel Foster 540/961-6326
Lazar’s Early Music Social Circle, GA
Linda Shortridge 505/249-6221


Aquila Strings 
Nicholas Baldock
Boston Catlines- Olav Chris Henrikson 
Boulder Early Music 
Gamut Music 
Ifshin Violins (El Cerrito) 
Just Strings 
Musician’s Friend
Charlie Ogle


Joan Balter Berkeley, CA 510/524-4333  
Roland Feller Violin Makers San Francisco, CA 510/524-4333
Devin Hough Woodland, CA 530/750-1132
Ifshin Violins (Colin Shipman) El Cerrito, CA 510/843-5466
Herb Myers Stanford, CA 650/854-1447

Bow Rehairing

Joan Balter Berkeley, CA 510/524-4333  
Roland Feller Violin Makers San Francisco, CA 415/567-3708
Ifshin Violins El Cerrito, CA 510/843-5466
Shrader Bows San Francisco, CA  415/867-4503
Devin Hough Woodland, CA 530/750-1132
Cheryl A. Macomber Sacramento, CA 916/923-1744 
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