Past Chapter PlayDays


DatePlayDay CoachTopic
09/08/2018Farley PearceWarmups from Paulo Biordi’s scalebook.  A tango duet by Carlos Gardel. String-crossing work using Telemann’s solo Fantasies.
10/13/2018Frances BlakerLully’s Chaconne des Maures; Lassus’ La Nuict froid et sombre
11/10/2018Julie JeffreyWork with Sonetti Spirituali, Pietro Vinci’s madrigal settings of Vittoria Colonna’s sacred sonnets
12/08/2018Roy WheldenExcerpts from several of J.S. Bach’s works, focusing on settings of the Christmas hymn Vom Himmel hoch da komm’ ich her; also some of his 14 Puzzle Canons
01/12/2019Gretchen ClaassenUsing sublime sacred music of Franz Tunder, a focus on rhetoric, making a musical plan, good ensemble playing. 
02/09/2019Amy BrodoOrnamentation and dance rhythms in Charpentier’s Concert pour quatre parties de violes
03/09/2019Erik AndersenMadrigals of Czech composer Bohuslav Martinu. Approaching 20th c. vocal music with an emphasis on text setting and diction on the viol.
04/13/2019David MorrisA read-through of Henry Purcell’s Suite in G major, Z. 770.
05/11/2019Alexa Haynes-PilonBlending and sound production in consort playing, using pieces by Gibbons and Ferrabosco II
06/08/2019 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’


09/09/2017Adiaha MacAdam-SomerChanging of seasons; exploring patterns in music
10/14/2017David MorrisOrgan preludes by Carl Nielsen, arranged for viol by PBR Productions
11/11/2017Mary SpringfelsTwo motets: the Josquin Ave Maria, and the Senfl Ave Maria based on Josquin’s model 
12/09/2017Frances BlakerA movement of Heinrich Isaac’s MIssa Carminum, and J. S. Bach’s Contrapunctus no. 3
01/13/2018Shira KammenSettings of In Dulci Jubilo and Puer Natus in Bethlehem, by Praetorius, Scheidt, and other Renaissance composers 
02/24/2018Stanford WorkshopClasses with John Dornenburg, Julie Jeffrey, Shira Kammen, David Morris 
03/10/2018Loren LudwigCanzonas, Ricercars, & Dances (oh, my!): Italian polyphony for viols
04/14/2018Julie JeffreyHow, when, and where to use the ornaments compiled by Charles Coleman and published in Christopher Simpson’s Division-Violist
05/12/2018Yukimi KambeHow to speak and sing with your viol in consort playing 
06/09/2018 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’


09/10/2016David MorrisMuffat’s Orchestral Suite Constantia from Florilegium
10/08/2016Frances BlakerTreasures from the Cabinet
11/12/2016Loren LudwigCadence and Musica Ficta in Consort Music
12/10/2016Mary Springfels8-part Pruili and 5-part Marenzio madrigals
01/14/2017Hallifax and JeffreyExcerpts from Charpentier’s Descente D’Orphée aux Enfers
02/25/2017Stanford WorkshopClasses with John Dornenburg, Julie Jeffrey, Elizabeth Reed, Marie Dalby-Szuts
03/11/2017Adaiha MacAdam-SomerFantasias a5 of Michael East
04/08/2017Shira Kammen15th c. 2 to 4 part sacred compositions
05/13/2017Yukimi KambeConversations in consort playing
06/10/2017 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’


09/12/2015David MorrisMatthew Locke’s 4-part Suite in D minor
10/10/2015Marie SzutsDeveloping ensemble skills with American hymn tunes
11/14/2015David MorrisVoices and Viols: L’amorosa Ero’s collection of 4-part madrigals by late 16th c. composers
12/12/2015Frances BlakerThomas Weelke’s Pavan no. 1 and Ludwig Senfl’s Fortna ad voces musicales
01/09/2016Shira KammenDance music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque
02/06/2016Stanford WorkshopClasses with John Dornenburg, Julie Jeffrey, David Morris, Mary Springfels 
03/12/2016Amy Brodo 
04/09/2016Pat O’Scannell 
05/14/2016Hallifax and Jeffrey 
06/04/2016 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’


09/13/2014Shira KammenWorks by DesPres, Monteverdi, Dufay and Victoria based on the chant melody “Ave Maris Stella”
10/11/2014Hallifax and JeffreyTechnical work on dotted-rhythm, using William Young’s Fantasia a3 no. 8
11/08/2014Roy WheldenExploration of late Bach canons, including Verschiedene Canons from his Goldberg Variations
12/13/2014David MorrisChaconnes: playing Lully in the French style, Purcell
01/10/2015Elizabeth ReedA musical banquet: variation suites from Johann Hermann Schein’s 1617 Banchetto music. Also, Feldenkrais tips. 
02/21/2015Stanford WorkshopClasses with John Dornenburg, Julie Jeffrey, Adaiha MacAdam-Somer, Lynn Tetenbaum
03/14/2015Toby Szuts, Brady LanierInterpreting texted music: lamentations by Crecquillon and Tallis
04/11/2015Marie SzutsEnsemble techniques using Lasso’s La nuict froide et sombre and Bonjour, mon coeur
05/09/2015Frances Blaker 
06/06/2015 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’


09/14/2013Elizabeth ReedEffective use of your entire bow
10/12/2013David MorrisVoices and Viols: Late Renaissance madrigals by Weelkes, Coperario and Sigismondo d’India.
11/09/2013Amy BrodoFugues and canons by August Klengel, student of Clementi
12/14/2013Josh LeeLeft hand warmups. Q&A about the left hand, arm and finger technique
01/18/2014Farley PearceCanons and Musical Curiosities; pieces by Telemann, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven
02/15/2014Stanford WorkshopClasses with John Dornenburg and other coaches
03/08/2014Julie Jeffrey, Peter HallifaxFrench viol consort music
04/12/2014Yukimi KambeViol expression using vocal music by Schutz, Gesualdo, Morley and Matsushita
05/10/2014Roy Whelden Henry Purcell as theorist and composer for the viol
05/10/2014 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’


09/08/2012Josh LeeCare of the left hand: increasing efficiency, reducing stress, avoiding injury
10/13/2012Farley PearceThe Bourree and Courante, adapted from J.S. Bach’s Suite #3 for cello. 
11/10/2012Pat O’ScannellRoad-mapping for more fluid and concise bowings 
12/08/2012Marie Szuts 
01/12/2013Mary Springfels 
02/09/2013Stanford WorkshopClasses with John Dornenburg and others
03/09/2013Shira Kammen 
04/13/2013David MorrisVoices and Viols
05/11/2013Julie Jeffrey, Peter Hallifax 
06/08/2013 Members’ informal recital: ‘Bash’
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